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Dental issues can happen all of the sudden, and they usually mean a very painful experience. Sometimes a tooth ache can ruin your entire day because one pill cannot solve the problem. But luckily, nowadays, the mighty Internet can help us at any time. Emergenter is a good answer to the question: “how do i find a great emergency dentist in Denver?”. If you can’t enjoy it’s beauty because of tooth aches or dental abscess, Emergenter will find for you the nearest emergency dentist in Denver Edgewater 60629.

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Objects becoming caught in teeth are a common dental emergency. Use dental floss to carefully remove the object from between the teeth if possible. Be sure to use gentle pressure to avoid pushing the object into the gum and further damaging the tooth. Do not use a pin or toothpick or other sharp object to remove the item causing you pain. Using a pin or toothpick can actually damage the gum around the tooth or break the tooth depending on the situation. If you are unable to remove the object from between your teeth, contact your Charlotte emergency dentist immediately.

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Charlotte emergency care listings are located on the website along with their locations, a brief description of their office and their contact information. Here you can also find the phone numbers for each dentist on the website, and you have access to the dental office website as well. Each dental office also shares information regarding payment options and locations to make finding the correct dentist for your emergency a breeze. also offers information regarding local hospitals with emergency rooms where treatment for dental emergencies is available 24-hours each day.

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A tooth that is knocked out, try to retrieve the tooth and rinse it carefully in warm water. Hold the tooth by the crown and avoid touching the root. Once the tooth has been rinsed, place the tooth back into the socket if possible. Try to keep pressure on the tooth if possible to keep it in place. If you are unable to place the tooth back into its socket, bring the tooth with you to your Charlotte emergency dentist. Carry the tooth in a small container of milk or Save-a-Tooth if possible. If you have a tooth knocked out due to trauma or an accident, call 911 or visit an emergency room as soon as possible.

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Toothaches and chipped teeth are also dental emergencies that are commonly treated at Charlotte dental clinics along with broken braces or broken wires in braces, loose braces brackets or broken bands. An abscess or an infection of the gum or the gum and tooth area is also a dental emergency that can be treated in a Charlotte dental clinic or in a local hospital emergency room. All of these dental emergencies are common and each Charlotte emergency dental clinic has the equipment and the training to provide treatment.

There are a variety of common dental emergencies that require a trip to a Charlotte emergency dental office or an emergency room. These types of emergencies include trauma to the gums and teeth due to an accident or injury that is sometimes referred to as soft tissue trauma. Other common dental emergencies include a lost filling or a lost or broken tooth. A tooth that is knocked out is definitely a dental emergency along with a lost crown or a broken crown.

Walk-in dental clinics – Walk-in dental clinics are dental offices that allow patients to walk-in for dental emergencies without having to make an appointment in advance. These types of clinics are available in Charlotte, although some do require a phone call prior to taking new patients.

When you have pain in a tooth or in your gums, you might require an emergency tooth extraction. This type of dental emergency is generally handled in a Charlotte emergency dental facility, and is actually quite common.

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Phone Number: 704-525-3939 Address: 4010 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209 Website: Description: This clinic is open 7 days a week, and has extended hours Monday through Friday to make sure you can get in when the time is best for you. This caring, friendly and very understanding licensed after hours clinic can help you with everything ranging from cracked teeth and periodontal pain, to bleeding gums and beyond. They are located south of the Uptown Charlotte area and are always open to accepting new patients. Some important facts about this emergency dental clinic:

Broken or loose braces and wires are a common Charlotte dental emergency that often causes pain. If a broken brace or wire is sticking out and poking the cheek or the gum, you can use a pencil eraser to push the wire into a position that does not injure the soft tissue of the mouth. It is never a good idea to cut the wire or brace because you could inhale or swallow the wire. If you are unable to push the wire into a more comfortable position, you can use dental wax to cover the sharp end of the wire to protect the cheek or gum. See a Charlotte urgent care dentist as soon as possible to repair the brace or wire.

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We give you all the information you need about the dental services that are provided by every emergency dental office in Denver. Feel free to smile and leave the pain behind. If something ever happens to you beautiful smile, we will be there to help you find the perfect emergency dentist.

Phone Number: 704 542-3700 Address: 6400 Carmel Rd. Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28226 Website: Description: This clinic is staffed by those who are anxious to help you with your emergency dental needs, and they urge you to come soon, as acting quickly will greatly improve your chances of a speedy recovery. Doctors Moore and Correll will happily be there to help if you encounter a situation that requires attention, and wish to be sent on your way pain and worry free.

Find out if the Charlotte emergency dental clinic sends a bill to your insurance company or if you have to request reimbursement from the insurance company. Most dental offices will supply you with the paperwork to send to your insurance company.

People visit the city of Charlotte to explore a variety of exciting theme parks, to spend time on the rapids with many whitewater rafting centers and to enjoy the state’s unique history. While you are discovering the beauty of Charlotte, it is definitely nice to know that you have access to an emergency dental clinic if you have a dental emergency during your vacation. Charlotte, North Carolina is home to a selection of walk-in dental clinics and after hours dental clinics that provide emergency dental services when you need them rather than forcing you to wait for an upcoming appointment.

Where Is The Nearest Emergency Dentist

Some people choose to visit an emergency room because their dentist is unavailable, because they are frightened of dental work or because they believe a dentist might charge more for the visit than the emergency room. In many cases, a dental office actually charges much less than an emergency room, and often a doctor in an ER is unable to treat dental emergencies.

After Hours Dentists – After hours dental clinics offer emergency dental services and regular office hours at times that are not normally offered in standard dental clinics. Many of these dental offices are open into the evening or are available on weekends. Charlotte after hours dentists have evening hours as late as 8 p.m. and offer service on Saturday and Sunday. has a list of these dentists and their office hours available to make accessing an after hours dental office more convenient.

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By calling (866) 970-4192, DentistPhone can help you get connected with a pre-qualified dentist in your area. In essence, DentistPhone is your best bet on getting an emergency dentist when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter when your dental emergency strikes, because we can help you on evenings, weekends, and public holidays. Our staff is on standby and just a phone call away from getting you out of pain. With the help of our national network of emergency dentists and fully staffed dental offices, we are sure to find a qualified dentist near you to treat all your dental care needs.

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If for example you’re on vacation or out of town and a tooth gets damaged say from a fall, a sporting accident, or maybe just from biting on something hard, an emergency dentist can come in handy because the chances of restoration are best when the tooth is replaced or fixed within the first hour or couple of hours.

An emergency tooth extraction is often performed when a tooth is too damaged to repair, has a large amount of decay or has been broken in an accident. Sometimes teeth are extracted when they are too crowded in the person’s jaw. Waiting to have a tooth extracted can cause the pain to worsen and increases the risk of infection. The longer a person waits to have a damaged or decayed tooth extracted, the more likely it is that this person’s dental visit will require medication like antibiotics or painkillers. The more quickly the tooth is removed, the less likely there will be complications.

A tooth is generally pulled under local anesthesia although some dental emergencies require general anesthesia. The area is numbed and the tooth is removed with a dental tool. The hole where the tooth was positioned is covered with a gauze packing to ensure that the bleeding is controlled. A person generally recovers from this procedure within one to two weeks. It is important to avoid using a straw to drink and avoid solid foods while you recover from the procedure.

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