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Emergency Dentistry

We use a variety of methods and techniques to ensure your emergencies are resolved, your teeth are preserved, and that your pain is alleviated Albany Park IL 60629. We encourage patients to discuss emergency protocols with us so they know exactly what to do in an emergency.

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You may never have to visit an emergency dentist, especially if you are careful with your oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. If your teeth are particularly sensitive or damaged, it may be necessary for you to avoid hard foods as this is the main cause of broken and chipped teeth.

Dental Emergency

When cavities or other oral infections are left untreated, they can spread to the jawbone and soft tissues of the mouth. If an infection has been allowed to develop, you may notice swelling in the mouth or face. Our doctors will clean the area thoroughly to eliminate all affected tissue and irrigate the area with a sterile solution. This procedure accompanied with other necessary treatments will alleviate any pain and clear away signs of infection. 

what constitutes emergency dental treatment

Late failures that occur with implants are usually due to moderate to severe bone loss, mostly located in the posterior areas of teeth and involve a multi-unit prosthesis. A fracture or decementation of a post or loosening of the abutment screw of an implant could be the result of dissolved cement, secondary caries, use of a weak post, or excessive occlusal forces.[8] Oral home care needs to remain at a high standard, brushing twice a day for the duration of two minutes with the use of fluoridated tooth paste. Interdental cleaning once a day using either floss, interdental brushes, wood sticks. Regular dental appointments every 6 months to maintain gingival health, professional cleans, radiographs to examine the bone loss and the implant status. All the following is needed to prolong the longevity of the implant and reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.

Pericoronitis is defined as inflammation in the soft tissues surrounding the crown of a partially erupted tooth. The acute form is characterised by severe pain, often referred to adjacent areas, causing loss of sleep, swelling of the pericoronal tissues, discharge of pus, trismus, regional lymphadenopathy, pain on swallowing, pyrexia, and in some cases spread of the infection to adjacent tissue spaces.[11]

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Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces may suffer from a broken wire. A broken orthodontic wire can rip into the soft tissues of the cheek and the tongue and cause extensive damage, bleeding and pain. In these cases its best to go to see the orthodontist who is carrying out your brace treatment but if their office is closed for the night or the weekend, you can call our emergency dentist on-call and arrange a same day emergency appointment. We will cover up the offending sharp brace wire and refer you back to your orthodontist for continuation of your orthodontic care.

There are often divergent opinions between clinicians and patients as to what constitutes a dental emergency. E.g. a person may suddenly lose a filling, crown, bridge, etc. and although they are completely pain-free, still have great cosmetic concerns about the appearance of their teeth and demand an emergency treatment on the basis of perceived social disability.

What Does Emergency Dental Mean

Toothaches: One of the most common reasons for tooth pain is an infection, such as an abscess or cavity. Other times they result from trauma. A tooth fracture can happen from bumping your mouth, or the failure of an old silver filling. If it has been more than 10 years since your fillings were placed, it is a good idea to see us for a checkup and exam. As Dr. Guy Burk says: “you may be driving on bald tires!” We can perform any necessary treatment to prevent fractures or emergency treatment later on. Waiting too long to replace worn out fillings usually results in dental procedures that take longer to complete and are more costly, such as root canals or extractions.

Our emergency dentists also treat patients who suffer from teeth that have been pushed in or pushed out or even completely knocked out during an accident or an assault. In these situations, urgency is needed to prevent further permanent damage to the tooth. If a tooth fractures severely or decays to a point where it can no longer be saved and has to be removed or is simply missing, then we offer the options of having a same day denture or a dental bridge or a dental implant to replace that tooth. If your tooth has suffered severe damage, please call our team for that tooth to be assessed and all the treatment options discussed with you.

Peri- radicular pain can be of pulpal origin, most commonly due to disease in the pulp extending into the peri-radicular tissues but can also be of periodontal origin due to periodontal disease.[4] Apical periodontitis is a term used to describe acute inflammation of the periodontal ligament surrounding the tooth. This can be caused by inflammatory mediators from irreversibly inflamed pulp, bacterial toxins from necrotic pulp, restorations that have not been property contoured and in some cases, from treatments such as endodontic treatment.[4] There is both an acute and chronic form of this condition.[4] Acute apical periodontitis features include moderate to severe pain, usually stimulated by touch and pressure and may also include spontaneous pain.[4] The chronic form of the condition can be asymptomatic but may also include pain from surrounding tissues when stimulated.[4] Apical abscess is a term used to describe an extension of apical periodontitis where the bacteria have infiltrated the peri radicular tissues and are causing a severe inflammatory response; there is also an acute and chronic form of this condition.[4] An acute apical abscess can cause facial swelling and can cause other systemic consequences such as a high temperature and feelings of malaise.[4] In some cases this condition can be life-threatening when the inflammation compromises the airway; this is termed Ludwig’s Angina.[4] A chronic apical abscess can be asymptomatic as the pressure from the inflammation is being drained through a sinus tract; a draining sinus can usually be seen clinically.[4] A periodontal abscess is a localised inflammation affecting the periodontal tissues.[4] It is caused by bacteria pre-existing in a periodontal pockets, traumatic insertion of bacteria or foreign body or can occur after periodontal treatment.[4] This condition has a rapid onset, is stimulated by touch and involves spontaneous pain.[4] It is important to note that an apical abscess may drain through the periodontal pocket giving a false interpretation of periodontal abscess or a periodontal abscess may appear at the apex of the tooth giving a false interpretation of apical abscess; a tooth may also have both lesions at one point in time.[4]

Emergency Dentist Cost

Management includes cleaning all the cement and residues, to carefully inspect for any underlying caries or fractures. Details that need to be assessed include margins, gingivae and contact points; occlusion needs to be checked in both ICP and in lateral and protrusive excursions, before the crown can be re-cemented. Stronger cement should be used than the original such as resin cements, especially in cases of heavy occlusal forces.

Where To Go For Emergency Dentist

The treatment is cause-related. For example, oil of cloves, which contains eugenol, can be used to treat dental pain; a drop can be applied with a cotton swab as a palliative .[citation needed] After wisdom tooth extraction, for example, a condition known as dry socket can develop where nerve endings are exposed to air. A piece of sterile gauze or cotton soaked in oil of cloves may be placed in the socket after careful cleaning with saline to relieve this form of pain .[citation needed]

Emergency Dental With No Money

One of our most important uses of technology is the use of our intraoral cameras. These cameras allow us to project magnified images onto the TV screens or monitors. The images are magnified around 30 times, which enables us to see in much greater detail than can be seen with the eye alone. Uses:

Crowns can become broken by a fracture, non-retentive preparation, secondary caries, weak cement, excessive occlusal forces, decementation or loosening of the crown.[8] The consequences of a crown becoming loose include the risk of ingestion and less likely, inhalation. The management of the loose crown includes immediate recementation or a replacement crown, depending on the assessment conducted by the dentist.

Emergency Dentist No Money

By calling (866) 970-4192, DentistPhone can help you get connected with a pre-qualified dentist in your area. In essence, DentistPhone is your best bet on getting an emergency dentist when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter when your dental emergency strikes, because we can help you on evenings, weekends, and public holidays. Our staff is on standby and just a phone call away from getting you out of pain. With the help of our national network of emergency dentists and fully staffed dental offices, we are sure to find a qualified dentist near you to treat all your dental care needs.

Where Is The Nearest Emergency Dentist

Also, as any person who has experienced a terrible tooth ache before can attest, dental pain can bring you to your knees: you won’t be able to eat, sleep, or even think straight. Knowing where to go or look for a dental specialist is the key to solving this important health concern, and that’s exactly what we provide at DentistPhone. Since there’s no such thing as an “emergency room” for tooth pain, the next best thing is to have access to highly-experienced emergency dental practitioners 24/7/365. Upon calling our emergency line, once you’ve requested for a dental appointment, a skilled emergency dentist closest to your location will assist you on the same day to alleviate your discomfort.

Many people in their late teens and early twenties suffer from wisdom tooth pain which can arise at times of stress or when the body has been weakened by a cold or flu. Wisdom tooth extractions are usually complex due to the proximity of these teeth to important nerves and sinus’s. If you do suffer from a troublesome wisdom tooth, rest assured that our oral surgeons are available seven days a week to remove even the most difficult wisdom tooth under IV sedation or local anaesthetic.

There are many different types of dental crowns such as all Zirconium crowns, all Ceramic crowns, metal ceramic crowns and gold crowns. We will discuss the various types of crowns available with you and allow you to choose a crown that fits your circumstances.

When more conservative measures, like root canal therapy, fail to save a damaged tooth, the most appropriate treatment may be tooth extraction. Our doctors will gently and quickly remove the problematic tooth and discuss your restorative options with you. In some cases, we can even place a dental implant on the same day as your extraction so that you can leave our office with your smile intact. 

When To Call Emergency Dentist

If for example you’re on vacation or out of town and a tooth gets damaged say from a fall, a sporting accident, or maybe just from biting on something hard, an emergency dentist can come in handy because the chances of restoration are best when the tooth is replaced or fixed within the first hour or couple of hours.

Constant toothache is usually caused by bacteria infiltrating deeper into the tooth and into the pulp of the tooth and irreversibly damaging the nerve tissues there and causing inflammation of the pulp. This can cause constant throbbing pain or a dull pain that can remain even despite the patient taking many different painkillers. This is called irreversible pulpitis and the treatment for this condition is either root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Dental Emergencies

For denture patients, breaking your restoration can have serious repercussions on your daily life. Many patients are not able to eat or speak normally until their dentures can be repaired. We are proud to feature an on-site dental laboratory in our UWS site so that we can perform same-day denture repairs, allowing you to return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Emergency Dentists Near Me

Toothache can also be occasionally be caused by gum disease also known as Periodontists. Gum disease is a silent disease that causes bone loss, gum recession, bleeding, tooth mobility, tooth abscess and sometimes with the patient being unaware of the problem until the disease is in advanced stages.

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